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Photo Fund Winner Update: Masaru Goto

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In 2002, FiftyCrows awarded Masaru Goto the International Fund for Documentary Photography for his documentary project, which examined human rights issues in Colombia. In the project, Goto captured the brutality of combat between the government and the insurgent guerillas that effected soldiers and civilians alike.

Goto has also done in depth photographic projects of the volatile situation in Cambodia, documenting soldiers of the Khmer Rouge and the epidemic of AIDS in the country. In Kashmir, he showed the lives of people not directly involved in the fighting but victims of the violence. Goto states that the intent of his images is to convey a sense of compassion and show the strength of people living in war torn areas. For this reason he is committed to working with NGO and human right’s advocacy groups in order to generate change on these important issues.

gotoscreenBased in Bangkok, Goto has been documenting the recent political struggle that has resulted in riots and demonstrations around the city. His newest story from the streets of Bangkok entitled, ‘Fragile Democracy: Political Crisis in Thailand” has just been published on his website. At the beginning of May, through the Move Media Project, Goto will exhibit “Loved Ones Lost,” a campaign to defend human right in South Thailand.

Written by Zara Katz

April 24, 2009 at 3:35 pm