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FiftyCrows gallery opens with an exhibition by Ed Kashi – Oct. 1 to Nov. 15

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We are very excited to announce the opening of the 2009-2010 exhibition season at the FiftyCrows Gallery. We will open the season with internationally renowned photojournalist Ed Kashi. The exhibition is in two parts, the first part is a series of triptychs from his newly published book Three. The second part, Curse of the Black Gold, is from Ed’s years of documenting the oil crisis in the Niger Delta.

Please join us in welcoming Ed back to San Francisco for the exhibition opening and book signing.

(Note that there are two openings. October 1st is First Thursday San Francisco gallery opening night and October 8th is an opening with Ed present for book sigining.)

WHERE: 49 Geary St Suite 225, San Francisco, CA 94108

WHEN: Thursday October 1  (First Thursday SF gallery night)

Thursday October 8 (Book signing with the artist)

THREE is a series of triptychs that explore the relationship between individual photographs, rather than relying on the isolated image. Every day we are surrounded by a cacophony of imagery, and Kashi has used this visual multi-tasking to his advantage. Whether they portray off-beat moments of human interaction, the contrast between barren landscapes and over-development, or subtle gestures that become universally significant, these triptychs are captivating visual harmonies that demand our attention.

CURSE OF THE BLACK GOLD is Kashi’s graphic exposé on the effects of 50 years of oil in the Niger Delta. Despite having one of the world’s largest oil reserves, the majority of people in the Niger Delta survive on just one dollar a day. Shot over a three-year period, images from Curse of the Black Gold have appeared worldwide in magazines, newspapers, documentaries and exhibitions. The exhibition will feature two multimedia pieces created by Ed Kashi.

Curse of the Black Gold: Oil in the Niger DeltaNIG06018_8823NIG06018_11663

To receive an invitation to the openings, book signings and more, please email us at


Written by Zara Katz

September 24, 2009 at 9:13 am

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