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EVE Photographers – International Collective of Women Photojournalists

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©Jerome Delay

©Jerome Delay

The six women that make up the EVE Photographers, Marizilda Cruppe, Agnes Dherbeys, Benedicte Kurzen, Justyna Mielnikiewicz, Lourdes Segade, Newsha Tavakolian are inspiring sources of new work from around the world. While each individual focuses her camera on the vital stories in her region, together the collaboration of their work provides eloquent observations and commentary on profound global topics, such as disease, access to water, and motherhood. By highlighting the different perspectives of each woman in her specific global location, the viewer is able to interpret the world from many angles and glean understanding and compassion.


Motherhood Portfolio 2006

Motherhood and AIDS Portfolio 2007


On The Waterfront Portfolio 2008

Over the next week I will highlight each one of the EVE Photographers and her important work. You can also find more information about EVE here and links to each individual’s website. The EVE Photographers website and all of the women’s individual websites are hosted by liveBooks, Inc. Many of the websites are hosted by the liveBooks photojournalism project which offers photojournalist and documentary photographers affordable customized websites as a tool for sharing stories and information with the world.


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October 28, 2009 at 5:17 pm

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