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affect/effect: Photographs That Create Change – Lourdes Segade gets a response from the media

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Consider the metaphor of a grain of sand: one grain in a thousand is insignificant, while it can also be unique in shaping everything that it touches. Now apply this idea to photography. Countless photographic images give us a consciousness about what is going on in the world, but our lives are awash with powerful images, most of which fall away by day’s end. A sub-clause to the metaphor: even if that one image (grain of sand) does produce an emotional response, it is rare the feeling that the image elicited will inspire action.
But what happens when one grain of sand (image) gets stuck in your eye so persistently that you must make a move to change the way you feel? The affect/effect: Photographs That Create Change series will feature stories from photographers and friends of photography that share how one image affected an individual to make a profound effect in the world.

Barcelona based photographer, Lourdes Segade offers a story to the affect/effect Series that highlights how one photo essay can catalyze different media sources to produce stories on the same topic. In turn, this generates greater awareness about an issue by expanding the viewing population. Lourdes speaks about this cause and effect as an important factor in order to really make an impact.

“The story that I wanted to show was that a ‘small’ (as they call themselves) can be as good a mom as a non-handicapped woman. It wasn’t easy to find a dwarf mother with a little child but the president of one achondroplasy association in Spain gave me the telephone number of Lorena, the mom with whom I shared lots of time and experiences while shooting my story. Three years later we still keep in touch.

Lorena, a woman in her early thirties, was then unemployed and devoted to her child, Adrián, a 3 year-old wild child. Every day was an adventure with him. I went to the Canary Islands and spent 20 days with them. The story was published one year after we returned. Magazine ‘Yo Dona’ gave six pages to it and also a short video of the child made from short pieces I had recorded. They also asked me to write about my personal experience with that family for the website.

I wanted to let people know about achondroplasy and show that ‘dwarfs’ live as good a life as non-handicapped people. I never expected the reaction that I received from publishing the story. The weeks following the publication of my story, Lorena received calls that another magazine wanted to interview her and reporters from a TV station wanted to follow her family for a day. A handball team wanted to shoot a photo session with the members of the achondroplasy association for their annual calendar in order to create funds for the group.

The association members were very happy, and so was I because I had caused the effect of making more people aware. When I shoot, I tell stories that I think should be known but I never expect my photos to lead to any reaction. Although it was not one photo creating a change for Lorena, the photo essay catalyzed a greater awareness and support for ‘smalls’ in society. By having other media groups produce more stories about dwarfs the net becomes wider and wider of the number of people understanding the issue.”

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November 25, 2009 at 3:10 pm

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Lourdes Segade – Spanish EVE Photographer

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Lourdes Segade is a Barcelona based photographer whose work appears in newspapers and magazines all over the world. In Spain, Lourdes confronts common modern day issues of AIDS, child obesity and dwarfism through the perspective of motherhood. Internationally, she has documented life after the Chernobyl meltdown, the daily relationship of women and water in Malawai and a glimpse at Nepal and Bhutan. Lourdes is a founding member of Eve Photographers and member of the French collective PictureTank (where you can see over 25 of her portfolios.)

Written by Zara Katz

November 23, 2009 at 5:17 pm

Take photographs side by side with Art Wolfe in Asia – Workshop opportunity

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Beginning this Thursday, Art Wolfe’s images from Travels to the Edge are being exhibited at the FiftyCrows Gallery which consist of incredible views of the worlds most exotic places, people and wildlife. Viewing the images is a trip around the world in itself, but how amazing would it be to actually go around the world with Art and photograph tigers, Kazakhs hunters, and the moonrise over the Himalayas? Art offers international photography workshops in India, Vietnam and Cambodia, and Myanmar that will be taking place in January and February of 2010. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to travel with a world-renowned photographer and focus on creating breath-taking images, as well as discuss matters of environmental and cultural conservation.

Come to the FiftyCrows Gallery on this Thursday, November 19th from 5:00-7:30pm to meet Art Wolfe and see his images from Travels to Edge. Art will be signing copies of his book, Travels to the Edge and feel free to ask him questions about his travels and workshops.

FiftyCrows Gallery
49 Geary St, Suite 225
San Francisco, CA 94108

Written by Zara Katz

November 17, 2009 at 6:29 pm

New Exhibition at the FiftyCrows Gallery THIS WEEK – ART WOLFE and Travels to the Edge – Opening and Book Signing Thursday November 19th 5:00-7:30pm

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Come meet top conservation photographer Art Wolfe at the FiftyCrows Gallery on Thursday November 19th from 5:00 to 7:30pm for an exhibition opening and book signing.MONG0807030356

Over the course of Art’s 30-year career he has worked on every continent and in hundreds of locations. His stunning images interpret and record the world’s fast-disappearing wildlife, landscapes and native cultures, and are a lasting inspiration to those who seek to preserve them all.

Travels to the Edge is an intimate and upbeat series that offers unique insights on travel, nature, cultures, environmental issues. Exhibition visitors will experience remote and awe-inspiring places through Art Wolfe’s lens, whether documenting the behavior of wild grizzlies in isolated coastal Alaska, marveling at the dreamscapes of the Bolivian Altiplano, navigating fjords in the icy oasis of South Georgia Island, or capturing unique cultures on the edge of extinction in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley.

Art’s television program, “Travels to the Edge,” launched on May 5, 2007, and currently airs on public television stations in 47 U.S. States and on 35 of the top 40 market stations. The series has reached 73% of U.S. households via analog stations, translating to over 171 million potential viewer impressions per episode.

Art Wolfe has been awarded with a coveted Alfred Eisenstaedt Magazine Photography Award as well as named Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year by the North American Nature Photography Association. The National Audubon Society recognized Wolfe’s work in support of the national wildlife refuge system with its first-ever Rachel Carson Award. He is a member of Canon’s elite list of renowned photographers, “Explorers of Light,” Microsoft’s Icons of Imaging and Fujifilm’s Talent Team. Wolfe has released over sixty books, including the award-winning Vanishing Act and Edge of the Earth – Corner of the Sky.

LARGLG1_10982Snow Monkeys, Japanese Alps, Honshu Island

Art Wolfe – Travels to the Edge

WHEN:   Thursday November 19th, 2009

WHERE:  FiftyCrows Gallery
49 Geary St – Suite 225
San Francisco, CA 94108

Written by Zara Katz

November 12, 2009 at 6:34 pm

Newsha Tavakolian – Iranian EVE Photographer

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Newsha Tavakolianas was born and raised in Tehran and started working for the Iranian press when she was 16 years old. She has covered stories in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India and Yeman. Newsha’s focus in her own country on personal issues of history, religion, and woman’s rights offers deep and powerful imagery of life in Iran. Newsha is represented by Polaris Images and is a member of Eve Photographers.

Here is a very interesting article in the Digital Journalist which Newsha wrote about photographing the recent earthquake in Pakistan. She ponders the issue that I explore in the affect/effect Series of if photography can create social change for the people that see the images and the people that are in the images.

Written by Zara Katz

November 11, 2009 at 3:48 pm

Justyna Mielnikiewicz – Polish EVE Photographer

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Justyna Mielnikiewicz was born in Poland and now lives in Tbilisi, Georgia. Her journalism focuses on issues of politics and war in the South Caucasus by looking at the daily lives of the people and their environment. She also photographs the lives of the Russian Army and the Georgian Army in the process of training, fighting and dying. The depth, contrast and grain of Justyna’s black and white images in the Caucasus and Caspian captures an antiquated sense of life not unaware of the modern era.  Justyna is a co-founder and member of Eve Photographers and Sputnick Photos.

Written by Zara Katz

November 6, 2009 at 11:17 am

1st Thursday TODAY – FiftyCrows Gallery 4-7:30pm – Last week of Ed Kashi’s Exhibition

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As many of you Bay Area locals know, First Thursday is a big night for exhibition openings, lectures, and gallery viewings. The FiftyCrows gallery will be open all day from 11am with extended hours until 7:30 so that everyone can come see Ed Kashi’s exhibition. Ed’s show is only up until Saturday Nov. 14th so don’t miss his amazing photographs from his newly published book Three as well as his work in the Niger Delta, Curse of the Black Gold.

Also, we still have several books for sale from both bodies of work. There are only 3 copies of Three left that Ed signed so get them while they are hot! All books are $45.


When:   Thursday Nov. 5th, 4-7:30pm

Where:  FiftyCrows Gallery

49 Geary St, Suite 225

San Francisco, CA 94108

Other events on First Thursday and First Friday:

Darcy Padilla photography at Togonon Gallery – Reception Thursday Nov. 5 – 5:30-7:30

Eros Hoagland is speaking at Exposure Gallery – Thursday Nov. 5th – 7pm

Jim Goldberg is speaking at SFAI sponsored by PhotoAlliance – Friday Nov. 6th – 7:30pm

Written by Zara Katz

November 4, 2009 at 5:59 pm

Agnes Dherbeys – French EVE Photographer in Asia

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Agnes Dherbey is a French born photojournalist now based in Bangkok, Thailand. Her work is mainly focused in Asia and South-East Asia with portfolios examining Khmer sex-workers, Tibetan exiles in Nepal, political turmoil in East Timor and Nepal, Aids in Thailand, and natural disasters in Indonesia. Agnes is part of the VII agency mentor program.

Written by Zara Katz

November 2, 2009 at 1:01 pm