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Photo Fund Winner Update: Stephaine Sinclair is selected for the Whitney Biennial 2010

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In 2004, FiftyCrows awarded Stephanie Sinclair one of her first photography grants. Last week, Stephanie was selected as one of four photographers for the 2010 Whitney Biennial. Next year’s biennial reflects the selected artists’ response to the hardships and joys of the past two years.

Known for her depiction of women’s issues and her ability to expose horrific situations, Sinclair’s 2004 International Fund for Documentary Photography photo essay was no exception. “Self-Immolation: Afghan Women Cry Out For Help” showed the women in the burn unit of the Herat Public Hospital. In the five subsequent years since winning the IFDP award, Sinclair’s work has continued to examine topics of women and war, establishing her as one of the most prominent photojournalists today.

Sinclair is currently working on a project that examines child brides in Afghanistan, South Asia, Ethiopia, Latin America and the United States. This work will be exhibited at the FiftyCrows Gallery in San Francisco in July of 2010. Sinclair’s deep interest in exposing women’s issues around the world led her to start Photobetty, a photography group that supports female photojournalist and female centered photo essays.

Sinclair worked for Corbis in Iraq and Lebanon and as a staff photographer for the Chicago Tribune. She has been published in The New York Times Magazine, US News and World Report, TIME, DoubleTake and Stern. Sinclair’s numerous honors include: CARE International Award for Humanitarian Reportage, a $15,000 Alexia Foundation grant and one of the W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography fellowships. Most recently in March 2009 Sinclair was asked to be full member of VIIphoto agency.

Other links to Stephanie Sinclair’s work:
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Written by Zara Katz

December 16, 2009 at 10:52 am

Center for Documentary Practice – Emerging Documentary Photographer Award

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I just found out about the Center for Documentary Practice, based in Australia, and I am so impressed by some of their recent programs. Last week I posted about their Online Symposium that brought together over a dozen photographers together to talk about issues in photojournalism. This week I want to share information about a new award that they are giving out called, The CDP Emerging Documentist Award. Anyone from any country can apply as long as they are not represented by a gallery or agency and have been working in photojournalism for less than 5 years. The photo essay must be about a social change issue.
Here is a little more about the CDP:
The Centre for Documentary Practice (CDP) seeks to promote a community of practitioners within the professional and academic worlds. The mission of the CDP is to connect photojournalists and documentists (seasoned or emerging) from across the world creating a shared space from within which our practice will be nurtured and promoted.

The CDP seeks to provoke debate about issues pertinent to journalism and documentary practice and act as a resource for research and storytelling by providing exemplars to this community through its publication, The Australian PhotoJournalist and website. The publications aim to give a voice to the marginalised and the vulnerable, to celebrate our successes and reveal our excesses. The CDP exists under the auspices of Griffith University in Australia.

The CDP Emerging Documentist Award

Win a Canon EOS 5D Mark II Premium Kit!

The Centre for Documentary Practice (CDP) seeks to support an emerging documentary photographer who submits the best-judged folio that aims to Seek Justice.  The prize, a Canon EOS 5D Mark II Premium Kit, is designed to contribute to the continuation of, or an extension of the submitted project synopsis. The CDP Award is free to enter.

The folio may be on any subject but must have the intent to be used to make a positive difference to the subject or the context in which the subject exists.
Entries close 30 November 2009.

The award will be judged by two of the keynote speakers from the CDP Online Symposium: Seeking Justice. The winner will be announced 14 December 2009.

You are eligible if you are not represented by a gallery or agency and have not worked (earned a salary or wage) as a photojournalist for more than five years.  Only one entry per person is allowed.

Written by Zara Katz

October 22, 2009 at 2:07 pm